Embrace Intuitive Emergency Alert Application

Many individuals and companies normally face a hardship in communicating important messages to their audiences. The failure can be a matter of life and death especially in emergencies. The problem is aggravated when there are scores of people that a company needs to reach within little or no time.

Luckily, there is a new way of reaching audiences fast and reliably. If you are a manager of some large institution such as a university or college, you could take advantage of this innovation. Similarly, organizations with numerous employees can benefit greatly. Churches and other religious organizations that want to pass important messages to their faithful can do so instantly.

Once you embrace this technology, you will say goodbye to the long phone lists, emails and text message services that are occasionally ineffective. The system is designed to send text message employee alerts with minimum effort.

Alternatively, you could transmit alerts through voice phone call and email. If you want to maximize efficiency, you could use a combination of these three channels of communication. This way, you will be guaranteed that the person who did not read his email still gets the communication as a text message or an automated voice phone call.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the emergency alert system is that you can configure as many subscribers as you have in your organization. Each person in your circle can access the system and outline how alerts will be sent to him. He simply needs to register his mobile phone number and email address in order to enjoy this service.

For example, take a transportation company with a fleet of a hundred vehicles. Suppose the fleet manager want to convene a meeting with all the hundred drivers, it will take him a lot of time and resources to personally call each driver. Fortunately, this system would take him a couple of minutes to reach all his employees straight away wherever they are.

Here is another scenario of a crisis situation that this fleet manager may encounter. There is a grisly road accident in one of the major highways leading to the city. The manager would like to warn his drivers to avoid that highway so that they avoid being stuck in traffic jam. Naturally, traditional communication would take agonizingly long.

Chances are that some drivers would already be caught up in the trouble by the time the manager reaches them via conventional channels. Therefore, it is time for companies to embrace this phenomenon for a stress-free operation.

Another advantage of an emergency alert system is that it is a cloud-based application. This means that you can access it from virtually anywhere. You do not have to sit in your office. If you have an internet enabled computer at home, or a supported mobile device, you are good to go. Most applications are compatible with many smart phones and tablets.

With unpredictable weather conditions and volatile working environments, you cannot afford to miss out on this great invention. In this regard, companies and individuals working in areas prone to bad weather such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons could capitalize on the innovative idea. After installing it, you will reach hundreds of subscribers with just one tailored message.

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