Several of the goalie drills that you see getting practiced concentrate on positioning inside the crease. This tends to make sense since if a hockey goalie can not get into position to reduce down the angle or make the save, then the odds are not in their favour to be prosperous.  

I really feel that goalie drills focusing on hand eye reaction can also make a massive effect on efficiency, but I think this variety of coaching is below utilized. How generally do you see a hockey goalie move across the crease, get in position, but just miss the puck with their glove? Admittedly, this does not come about all the time, but 1 negative aim each and every 3 or 4 games can have a dramatic impact on your save percentage.  

Ahead of going more than a couple of of the goalie drills I use for coaching hand-eye coordination, let's take into account what we are coaching.  Hand-eye coordination demands the athlete to track the puck with his eyes, then these impulse travel through the nervous method to be interpreted by the brain which will then send out response impulses to the muscle tissues which bring about you to move laterally and attain for the puck with your glove or to poke verify the puck off the skater's stick or any other response your brain deems vital.   

While we can not seriously raise the speed of our nervous impulses, we can boost the speed of interpretation and reaction. Think of the very first time you played your favourite video game. When I was a kid the game was PacMan and I don't forget beginning out chomping the tiny dots on the screen and dodging the ghost for about eight seconds prior to the ghost got the finest of me and my PacMan character was disintegrating prior to my incredibly eyes. But then as I played extra and extra, my fingers discovered how to manage the movement with extra talent – it was as even though I did not have to consider about what I was undertaking – my hands just reacted. This is what I am attempting to do with the following drills – expose you to several blocker and glove saves coaching your physique how to react.

 Goalie Drills

The very first drills is just a ball drop which teaches you to swiftly track the ball and get your hand on the ball. Here is how it operates: 

  • Your coaching companion will hold 1 ball in every hand (you can get started with a tennis ball, but then operate your way down to a thing smaller sized like a squash ball). 
  • She holds her arms straight out in front of her at shoulder level. You will stand ideal in front of her facing her hands. 
  • Devoid of warning, she will let 1 ball go and you will have to catch it. 
  • To make it extra difficult you can determine which hand you will have to use to catch it – so if she drops the ball on your ideal you will have to catch it with your ideal hand, the ball on the left you will have to catch with your left hand.

Your subsequent goalie drill for hand eye coordination is catching the ball off the wall. Again you will have to have a coaching companion and some tennis balls.  

    • You will stand roughly ten feet from a strong wall.
  • Your coaching companion will stand roughly 10-15 feet behind you.
  • You will each face the wall.
  • You will stand in your prepared position and you may perhaps put on your glove and blocker for this drill.
  • Your coaching companion will throw a tennis ball previous you so it strikes the wall and then rebounds someplace toward you. 
  • You will move laterally to position your self for the save and either glove, block or smother the ball.
  • If the ball gets away from you, you will have to run it down and then run back to your beginning point – that is your punishment for missing the save.

As you fantastic quite a few of your standard goalie drills focusing on movement, do not overlook to include things like some drills for hand-eye coordination. Although the speed of transmission for your nervous impulses is fairly considerably maxed out, you can raise your speed of reaction by practicing thousands of saves more than the course of your off-ice hockey coaching.